Associate of Individualized Study, AIS (Owens Code: AIND)

The Associate of Individualized Study (AIS) degree is awarded for the satisfactory completion of an individually planned program designed to serve an educational objective that could not be served through another degree program at Owens Community College.

The program must contain an area of concentration consisting of a minimum of 20 semester credit hours (30 quarter credit hours), which is formed according to one of the following models:

  1. an interdisciplinary, but coherent combination of courses drawn from a minimum of two and a maximum of four instructional areas;
  2. up to forty semester credit hours (60 quarter credit hours) awarded by the college for documentable educational experiences or courses completed at other institutions of higher education or educational enterprises judged by the institution to be of college level; or
  3. an unusual but academically coherent combination of technical and general studies courses.

This degree is meant for students planning to attend a four-year college or those with unusual career goals as it allows for students to choose from both general education and technical courses.