Legal Assistant Technology Program, AAB (Owens Code: LAST)

The Associate of Applied Business, Legal Assistant Technology degree includes instruction in general office skills, data processing, office equipment operations, a basic understanding of legal requirements of businesses, litigation, contracts and legal research and writing skills.

Upon completion, students will be prepared for entry-level positions within a legal department or firm.

Legal Assistants can expect to assist with legal research, client services, drafting legal documents and correspondence.

Legal Assistants will be expected to possess a high-level of technical, research, organizational, and writing skills, as well as be highly professional and confidential.

Legal Assistant positions can be found in all types of organizations, but most will be found in law firms, corporate legal departments, or government agencies.

Students whose primary career goal is to become a paralegal should pursue the Paralegal Transfer Concentration degree for seamless transfer to the University of Toledo’s Paralegal Studies bachelor degree program.