Computed Tomography Certificate (CAT)

Eligible students are those who hold current ARRT registration in radiography. Other imaging certifications will be considered on an individual basis by the academic department chair.

Computed tomography (CT) technologists create diagnostic images using advanced imaging techniques for interpretation by a radiologist. They also prepare for and assist the radiologist in the completion of complicated imaging examinations including a range of tissue biopsies and fluid drainages.

They must maintain a high degree of accuracy in positioning and exposure technique. CT technologists must demonstrate an understanding of physics, human sectional anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, radiation protection and safety.

They prepare and administer contrast media and medications in accordance with state and federal regulations. These technologists must remain sensitive to the physical and emotional needs of the patient through good communication, patient assessment, patient monitoring and patient care skills. They must use professional and ethical judgment and critical thinking while performing their duties.